skin care services

Skin Care Services Provided by:
Lisa Paulini, Aesthetician
Lisa has been a skin care professional for over 30 years, a graduate of the Catherine Hinds Institute.  She is certified and experienced in many modalities including experience in the medical skin care environment.  Lisa owned and operated her own skin care facility for 10 years on Cape Cod and having moved back to the Metro-West area looks forward to sharing her experience and knowledge with the New Leaf clientele.
New Leaf Custom Facial
This one-hour facial treatment is designed to meet the needs of each individual skin type and condition, using the finest skin care products.  A head, neck and shoulder massage included makes this a relaxing experience and super for the skin.
Mini Relaxation Facial
30 minutes to relax, cleanse, tone and exfoliate the skin.  Then enjoy a head, neck and shoulder massage followed by the appropriate moisturizer.
The Ultrasonic Facial
Using the DermaSound Elite system, using ultrasound to perform an effective non-irritating peel then maximum antioxidant and product penetration to speed skin cell recovery.  Followed by micro-current to help firm.  Ideal for all skin types and offers specialized treatents for anti-aging, dehydration, rosacea and acne.
A super effective way to remove dead cell and fine, vellus facial.  Safe for most skin types and conditions this painless treatment peel leaves skin smooth and brightens.  There is no down time, redness or irritation with this extremely effective peel.
Teen Facial
A great way to address the changes and challenges of youthful skin.
Environ Renewal Facial
Using products with superior ingredients to enhance the appearance of the skin.  Vitamins, peptides and botanical extracts work to cleanse, tone and exfoliate, promoting a natural, fresh and radiant effect to the complexion.  This facial is ideal for most skin types.
Environ Peels                                                               $75   
Add peel to any facial following consult.                $30
Back Treatment
A soothing, hydrating and cleansing treatment for that hard to reach area.
Series of Custom Facials                                  4 for $300
Series of Ultrasonic Facial                               4 for $480
Add Ultrasonic product penetration to Dermaplane peel for even softer revitalized skin.
Add a Lactic Peel solution to your Dermaplane peel for a boost to the peel.  You will feel the intensity of this treatment, but the result is truly impressive.  A consult is required prior to having this peel. 
Micro-Current Treatments
Firm Tone & Lift               
 $120 - $150
Brow & Lash Tinting
Brow Tinting           
Brow Shape & Tint        
Eyelash Tinting            
Brow Shape w/Lash & Brow Tint  
Brow & Lash Tint           
Hair Removal / Waxing
Brow Shape                     
Lip or Chin                    
Brows, Lip & Chin        
Full Face                  
Basic Bikini                  
Under Arm                   
Lower or Upper Leg             
Full Leg                                     
Back or Chest             
  $18 - $24
          $25 - $30

esthetic laser services

Laser Services Provided by:
Lizabeth Glynn, Laser Specialist
Lizabeth Glynn has been in the beauty industry since 1982, as a licensed cosmetologist.  In the last four and half years Lizabeth has concentrated on skin through non-ablative treatments.  Lizabeth attended the National Laser Institute and has received certificates for the Quanta IPL, Radio Frequency, and Quanta's Lasers.  These modalities are hand made in Italy.  They are considered the Elite of all the asesthetic modalities.
IPL Photo Facial
Life Changing Treatments
IPL is an intense pulse light that can give the skin a beautiful even tone by targeting the chromophores in your skin.  This treatment is great for Rosacea, and sun spots and sun damaged skin.  Radio frequency is a wonderful, easy and relaxing treatment to help with skin's laxity.  This technique uses energy to heat the tissue and stimulate subdermal collagen production to reduce fine lines and loose skin.  This technique induces tissue remolding and production of new collagen and elastin. 
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Rosacea Treatment                        
Radio Frequency Skin Tightening 
Laser Wrinkle Reduction          
Acne Treatment                         
Removal of Hyperpigmentation 
Treatment for Broken Capillaries   
Tattoo Removal                       
Treatment of Nail Fungus           
Rezenerate Facial         
*add human stem cells                  
Charcoal Facial           
Treatment for Cherry Angioma    
PAINLESS Laser Hair Removal         
*Prices are per treatment, multiple treatments
may be required.  For an individual treatment
plan call for a complimentary consultation.
             $85 & up
      $85 & up
      $100 & up
           $85 & up
            $75 & up
Lip or Chin                    
Brow Lip & Chin        
Full Face                  
Basic Bikini
Bikini Extended
Bikini Brazilian
Under Arm 
Lower or Upper Arm
Full Arm                  
Lower or Upper Leg             
Full Leg                                     
Back or Chest   
$300 per treatment
  Multiple treatment plan/packages available.
Painless Laser Hair Removal
Prices available upon request

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