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medical aesthetic services

Medical Aesthetic Services Provided by:
Lorraine Loretz, MSN, FNP-C, DPM

Medical Aesthetic Services Provided by:
Lorraine Loretz, MSN, FNP-C, DPM
Dr. Lorraine Loretz is a board-certified family nurse practitioner and retired podiatric surgeon with over 30 years of extensive medical and surgical experience. She has trained with experts and obtained multiple certifications in sclerotherapy, esthetic skin and vein laser services and neurotoxin injection techniques. Since 2007, Lorraine has worked in Vascular Surgery and Aesthetic Medicine, and provides education to other medical and nursing professionals. Lorraine is a highly skilled provider with passion for her work and is extremely dedicated to providing the best, gentle, individualized care for her clients.
Cosmetic Treatments for:

Frown Lines – known as ‘the 11’s’, deep lines can form over time between the brows, creating an angry or worried appearance. Minimizing movement of the muscles that cause these lines softens and smooths them. Typically 12-24 Units.


Forehead Creases – these lines run horizontally across your forehead, becoming more prominent when you raise your eyebrows. Forehead lines can eventually become noticeable even when the face is relaxed. Typically 10-20 Units.


Crow’s Feet – the thin skin around the eyes is prone to forming small wrinkles, caused by muscle action when you laugh, squint or smile. Tiny injections of BTxA in the wrinkled area can soften and smooth these lines. Typically 12-24 Units.

Aesthetic Cosmetic Treatment Complimentary Consultation
During your complimentary consult, we will discuss your personal goals, your health history, and create a customized plan.  You will learn about the product, the recommended treatment and aftercare.                                                           
Wrinkle Relaxer Injections


Refresh your look by softening facial lines and wrinkles with a simple, nonsurgical procedure. Injectable Botulinum Toxin A (BTxA) - brands include Botox®, Xeomin®, Jeuveau® + Dysport® - relaxes muscles to smooth the deep, persistent lines and wrinkles that develop over time. By reducing the appearance of frown lines, crows’ feet, and forehead lines, you can achieve a youthful, refreshed appearance. Results typically last 3-4 months. The number of injections that you receive depends on several factors, including the severity of your wrinkles. Pricing is per Unit. Product discount programs are available.

Lash Lengthening Prescription Treatment

Are your lashes thinning over time?  LATISSE®  is the only FDA-approved prescription treatment to grow eyelashes longer, fuller, and darker.  Schedule your 30 minute consultation today, and if right for you,  we can prescribe and teach you how to use LATISSE® .  Other options for lash improvement will be explained.

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